Top 8 Email Marketing Tools Compared!

Email marketing is one of the efficient strategies of digital marketing today and it will continue to rise in the upcoming years. 

It paves a way for marketers through email outreach to speak directly to customers in their inbox and helps in building a strong relationship with leads, current customers, past customers, and so on. 

On understanding the importance of email marketing, we conducted research and sorted out the top 8 email marketing tools via our infographic. All these tools can help you to increase sales and drive better results.

Take a look at this infographic and make use of it!  

Email marketing tools compared Infographics

Winding up

Make a wise choice as email marketing tools act as a medium to communicate with people who matter most to your business. 

All these tools listed in the infographic can reduce your email marketing efforts by providing automated activities. For more creative infographics and images follow our pinterest board

Match these features of email marketing tools with your requirement and find out the best suit for your business. 

If you are not satisfied with these features you can hire professional digital marketers who can work as per your requirement. 

Do you suggest any better tool that will reduce our email marketing efforts? Do not neglect to comment below! We would love to hear back!

The Complete History of Google Algorithm Updates

The algorithms of search engines are updated regularly to provide a better user experience for internet surfers.

Each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times. As Google is one of the best search engines, we have listed a history of Google’s algorithm updates in the infographic below.

Do take a look and get an idea on the updates and its impacts.  

Google algorithm update history


Google will be updating algorithms regularly to provide a better experience to the people. We at ColorWhistle, will be monitoring the updates regularly and keep on posting to help search marketers to identify and improve search engine optimization techniques. Stay tuned!

Do share your thoughts below! We will be glad to hear back.

Types of Graphic Designers Businesses Want to Work With

For businesses, the whole terminology around the types of designers can get confusing. Plus, finding the right fit can be challenging. With a better understanding of the types of designers in the workforce and how they benefit your business will help you to find the right type of graphic designers for your project.

Based on the categories, we have listed the different types of designers and the benefits you get from each one. Take a look at the infographic to find out which designer type will best fit your needs.



If you’re looking to grab maximum attention with appealing graphic designs, ColorWhistle can help you. Large or small, whatever you need, our dedicated graphic designer will exceed your expectations.

Combining illustrations and photographs to make boring images interesting

When was the last time you saw an ad/banner or an image and just thought, ‘Wow, it’s brilliant!’

There are images all over the internet. But, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Well, there are a lot of ways to make an art look interesting. It differs based on the creativity of the person. Currently, the trend is to touch the images with a creative hand and then publish it with that extra punch in the image/photograph.

The same is achieved either by cropping, skewing, distorting, adding illustrations on top of the image to add that extra flavor that makes you image stand out in the crowd.

Here is a huge list of inspirations and ideas that will help to get insights on what all you can do to make your image/photograph look interesting.

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Hope you liked our list of interesting images. The photographs when touched a bit with the intelligence of illustrations to create sheer magic and the same is evident with the above images.

The examples we have listed is not all. We have collected hundreds of similar inspirations and added them to our pinterest board. Do follow us on pinterest to get access to all the stuff we are interested in the digital world 🙂

Did you like our post? Do you have more interesting suggestions? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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Disclaimer : All the images used in this article were taken from Behance, Dribble, Collect UI and from the internet. None of the above images are owned by ColorWhistle.

Top 13 Websites Built With Elementor Builder

Elementor is one of the powerful WordPress page builders with over 1,000,000 active installations since the day of its launch. It has an advanced front-end drag & drop feature through which you can create websites in no time.

There are a lot of websites built with Elementor page builder. In this blog, we have picked and listed some of the best functioning Elementor websites.

All the websites have incredible features that will give you more inspiration.    

Best Websites Built With Elemenetor Builder

1. Creative Core

creative-core - Elementor website

Creative Core, an in-house marketing agency that gives a way for businesses to focus on their clients. They take care of the branding and marketing side of a business. The recent works that they have made on their homepage make it even more powerful.

This website uses all the effective features of Elementor page builder like wavy dividers, branding colors, attractive fonts, etc which gives a creative look to the site.    

2. Steel Box Co

steelboxco - site with Elementor builder

Steel Box Co is a company that sells various types of used and new shipping containers. They specialize in sales and has a banner image with the company name in it. In the banner, texts are merged with images to produce a well fitting text color.   

The home page of the website has a fantastic color scheme of grey and silver (associated with steel). The other thing we love on this website is a unique and helpful sticky navigation bar.  

3. Shake Design

Best Elementor builder - shakedesign

Shake Design is a design agency that allows businesses to build creative and brand designs. The website includes different colors, artistic look and has a neat design which we love the most.

The portfolio page is well used and the team members are displayed in containers. They have made use of all the Elementor’s features in an effective way.

4. WP Elevation

Best Elementor builder - WP-Elevation

WP Elevation is one of the consulting companies in Australia. The website of WP Elevation includes a color scheme of yellow, blue combination and this choice is related to the company’s logo. We also observed a proper alignment and typography throughout the website.

5. SupaDezign

Best Elementor builder - SupaDezign

SupaDezign is one of the web design companies in China. This website follows consistency and uses a perfect color scheme. The gorgeous look of the website is given by red with black color combination. We also love the banner which occupies the entire screen with 3D hover effect.

6. Mason & Mega

Best Elementor builder - masonandmegan

Manson & Mega are a married couple and a good team of wedding photographers. The homepage of this website gives the feeling of a wedding via its pleasant white background and mild color usage.


Web Design Services Company India Custom Website Development Services Agency

ColorWhistle is a top-notch web development company in India. The website of ColorWhistle has a banner with a full-width background and sticky header. It includes a lot of mascot images which makes it more attractive.

Overall, the website looks stunning with proper alignment and a clever combination of colors.

8. Michael Casado

michael - site with elementor builder

Michael Casado, a producer, and a music composer started his own brand in 2013. The images and videos used in this website will develop a thirst to scroll more. It has a banner with a full-width background and a sticky header. We love the perfect alignment and color combinations used in the website.

9. Ofia Seghaou

Ofia - site with elementor builder

Ofia Seghaou is one of the women hair salons located in Denmark. The website has a banner with a full-width background and includes buttons with shadow styles when hovered. It also has a light design which makes the website load faster.

10. Aircraftking

aircraftking - Best elementor website

Aircraftking is a website through which you can buy or sell airplanes or airplane parts. In the website, the search bars within tabs looks good. We like the color combination, clean background, and effective content on the website.    

11. 990 Sells

990sells-1 - Best elementor website

The 990 flat free program is a real estate company in Arizona. The website of 990 Sells has testimonials that are displayed in sliders and has a banner with a full-width background. We love the simple and impressive color combination.

12. Rejuvenating Vegan Spa

Rejuvining spa- Best elementor website

Rejuvenating Vegan Spa offers vegan skincare treatment. The website has a color that reflects an organic feel. We love the clean background and all the realistic images that are added to increase people’s belief and business growth.

13. NinjaOutreach

ninjaoutreach- Best elementor website

NinjaOutreach is a software through which you can automate outreach. The banner of NinjaOutreach’s website has a large image with a video playing button on it. It has a nice color combination of Cyprus and white. We love the scroll revealing texts and screenshots that slides from either side of the website.  

Final words

The flexibility of Elementor page builder influence most people to create a wide range of websites. The possibilities in the Elementor page builder is endless. With no doubt, including Elementor page builder to your website enhances the look and feel of your website.  

Make your website a stunning one with Elementor website. At ColorWhistle, we provide custom design and development services and our team is looking forward to working with you.

Do you have any Elementor websites to get featured in this list? Do comment below!