E-commerce Website Design Ideas and Inspirations

According to Shopify, global retail Ecommerce sales will reach $4.5 trillion by 2021 which is mind-boggling.

The Ecommerce world has experienced a drastic growth because people don’t have time to go to a physical shop. People want to shop at their own convenience, which makes things easier for buyers and sellers. Ecommerce shopping heavily depends on a website

An ecommerce website must have a fully functional design, payment gateway, shopping cart, merchant accounts etc. to provide a great online shopping experience to users. So your ecommerce website must be user-friendly, clear, innovative.and in par with current design trends,

With all this in mind, we have gathered 15 ecommerce website design inspiration which will boost your creativity and help you design an awesome website.

Let’s take a look!

Food and Beverages Ecommerce Website Design Ideas

The food and beverage industry plays an important role in the world. This industry has developed a lot due to population increase, technology and manufacturing process.

Here is a list of ecommerce websites with amazing features which will inspire you to create a great website.

Bon Bon Bon

Bon Bon Bon is a chocolate manufacturing company which uses a unique technique called ‘Classic French Technique’ along with ‘Detroit ingenuity’.

This technique involves a lot of local ingredients which creates a variety of flavours ranging from ‘classic to bizarre’ and ‘familiar to exotic’.

The packing style in Bon Bon Bon is different which does not include any ruffly cups, wax-moulded bunnies, models in chef coats, couture caramels, ribbons and lace. They only focus on producing tasty chocolates.

Bon bon bon - Ecommerce Website Design


Features we like in this e-commerce website design

  • Clean and friendly UI design is a big plus.
  • Option to create your own custom chocolate box
  • Workshops for aspiring bakers
  • Integration of gift cards online
  • Non-clumsy layout with balanced content.

6 O’ clock gin

6 O’ clock gin is a Gin manufacturing company. It offers many refreshing flavour of gin which includes botanical ingredients like orris root, angelica, winter savoury, juniper, orange peel, coriander seed and elderflower.

The gin spirit is connected with the ‘double sphere’ copper pot during distillation to give a smooth experience.

6 o' Clock - Ecommerce Website Design


Features we like in this e-commerce website design

  • Hero video attracts the user to stay on the page
  • User friendly UI which convinces the user to click on the ‘Buy Now button’
  • Detailed FAQ section
  • Individual product pages that gives more information about the product
  • Stock list page that lists the physical locations in which their products are sold – just in case if you do not want to order online

Two Chimps

Two chimps is a coffee manufacturing company. Their manufacturing process includes both ground coffee as well as whole bean coffee which are hand roasted. They converge attention to produce standard coffee with amazing flavour by never ‘over-roasting it’

two chimps - Ecommerce Website Design


Features we like in this e-commerce website design

  • Attractive UI and a sophisticated branding
  • Interactive form to show relevant content according to user preference
  • Recommendations by the website based on the preference of the user. This helps the seller to closely connect with the audience and track general user preferences
  • Gifts are given based on the subscription model
  • Complete destination for guides and courses for their product

The marshmallowist

The marshmallowist is a marshmallow manufacturing company. They use premium ingredients like fresh fruits, organic herbs & spices and boutique alcohol which brings unexpected new flavours like ‘passionfruit & ginger’ and ‘spiced tomato & vodka’. Their marshmallows have a variety of bold designs along with luxury packages.


Marshmallowist - Ecommerce Website Design


Features we like in this e-commerce website design

  • Light colored UI with bold highlights
  • Home page that acts as a bait for all their products
  • Highlight of their highly selling product in the shop page which gives users an idea to decide what they want
  • ‘Thoughts section’ that talks more about the products usability
  • Bespoke services and packages for events

E-commerce website design

Fashion and Beauty Ecommerce Website Design Ideas

Fashion and beauty industry is the world’s seventh largest economy. According to Fashion United, Value of the global fashion industry: 3,000 billion dollars (3 trillion dollars), 2 percent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

To help you built your next apparel website, here are some designs which will inspire.


Bliss is a beauty product manufacturing company which has new technology products for both face and body. Their top skin care products are jelly glow ball, makeup melt, pore patrol and mighty marshmallow. All their products are PETA-certified and free from parabens, phthalates, SLS, SLES and other harmful stuff which damages your skin.


Bliss - Fashion&Beauty Ecommerce Website Design


Features we like in this e-commerce website design

  • Interesting branding components make the site look fresh
  • Attractive reward program to keep customers coming back for more.
  • Gift cards to spread brand awareness
  • Store locator to help audiences reach them correctly
  • Overall shopping experience is a breeze


Tarte is a cosmetics manufacturing company. All the products are formulated harmlessly without parabens, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, synthetic fragrances and gluten. They also offer free samples which are appreciable. They also ship their products internationally to 200+ countries.

Tarte- Fashion&Beauty Ecommerce Website Design


Features we like in this e-commerce website design

  • Overall mood of the website is very pleasant
  • User engagements in form of spin wheel pop ups
  • Mega menu that has a list of all products. It gives a one shot view of everything in one place
  • ‘Foundation Finder’ section to recommend products
  • Rewards program to keep users coming back


ColourPop is a cosmetic manufacturing company. They use the best ingredients which are cruelty-free. All their products undergo a lab test, followed by manufacturing process, testing, packing and retailing.


Colourpop - Fashion&Beauty Ecommerce Website Design


Features we like about this e-commerce website

  • Well placed UI
  • Instagram section on the homepage which features their product users
  • Interactive before/after section to see actual results of the make over
  • Images in shopping section helps you to see actual results along with the product images


O.P.I, a nail care industry provide quality products and services along with safety and innovation. They deliver nail treatments, finishing products, lotions, manicure/pedicure products, files, tools and acrylics.


OPI - Fashion&Beauty Ecommerce Website Design


Features we like in this e-commerce website design

  • Sleek Ui with lot of products in the home page
  • Nail care section to educate the users
  • Product use by occasion sections
  • Products bundles to enable gifting
  • Creative nail art section that has all the latest nail trends

Electronics Ecommerce Website Design Ideas

Electronic devices are major factors which develop the growth of global consumers electronic market. This industry is expected to have a significant growth in the next five years.

Below are some of the unique electronic devices with special functionalities and websites with beautiful designs.

Only once

Only once is an electronics company which repurpose items as beautiful design pieces. The item includes industrial items, lamps, lights and home decorators. The most popular ones are Braun radios & fans and timeless lamps.


Onlyonce - Electronics Ecommerce Website Design


Features we like in this e-commerce website

  • Lengthy home page scroll to display the products.
  • Separate section of all the sold products too – to keep the curiosity up
  • Focus on one product at a time in the header
  • Detailed imagery about the products
  • Interesting blog section


Decibullz is an earphone manufacturing company. It provides different products which suit various fields like sports & fitness, shooting & sports, manufacturing & construction, music and travel.


Decibullz - Electronics Ecommerce Website Design


Features we like in this e-commerce website design

  • Fully image based
  • Clear description about the features of the product
  • ‘Compare option’ to analyze and buy products
  • Organized support portal


Skullcandy manufactures headphones, earbuds, accessories and special products. They provide unique services for organizations by providing headphones and speakers customized with their own company logo.


Skullcandy - Electronics Ecommerce Website Design


Features we like in this e-commerce website

  • Clean and bold UI
  • Separate section for student discounts
  • ‘Discover section’ to keep the reader engaged about relevant things happening around the product


Carv is a ski wearable devices manufacturing company. Their device includes various features like Bluetooth, 30 hours active battery life, waterproof design, compact lightweight design, artificial intelligence-cloud based coaching engine, 98 pressure sensors and 9-axis 3D motion. They also provide 1-year warranty for devices along with 30 days return policy.


Carv - Electronics Ecommerce Website Design


Features we like in this e-commerce website

  • Interactive way to make the user understand the product in homepage
  • Creative ‘features’ section
  • Detailed FAQ section

E-commerce website redesign

Accessories Ecommerce Website Design Ideas

Accessories are termed as objects or things which can be worn or carried. The current worldwide for accessories will be 19.4 by 2018 and it is expected to grow up to 25.4% by 2020.

Below are some of the best accessory ecommerce websites which attract visitors.

Skinny tie madness

Skinny tie madness is a tie manufacturing company which offers the most comprehensive selection of ties in the web. They improved their products by including good design, loud colours, fabrics and prints.


Skinny ties - Electronics Ecommerce Website Design

Features we like in this e-commerce website design

  • Tie suggestions based on occasion
  • Single selling and bundle selling of ties
  • Clean UI with pop up colors


Mulberry is leading British lifestyle brand which is appreciable for its quality and design.
It started as a buckled leather belts manufacturing company and soon evolved into selling ionic bags, womenswear line etc.


Mulberry - Electronics Ecommerce Website Design


Features we like in this e-commerce website design

  • Full size image that wow users
  • Collections based on season and year
  • Detailed size guide for the products
  • Well-written customer service section for clear understanding
  • Store locator section with maps for each store

Gold coast couture

Gold coast couture delivers ladies Kentucky Derby hats, fascinator hats, fascinators, bridal hats, bridal headbands, cocktail hats, jewellery, clutch purses, and bridal accessories.


Gold coast - Electronics Ecommerce Website Design


Features we like in this e-commerce website

  • Home page to the point – gives clear message to the user
  • Local based menu item
  • Images that pop up out of the grid, creating a fresh vibe
  • Store policy in the menu.

What do you think about our list of ecommerce website design inspirations?

Hope you liked our collection of ecommerce websites. .

The reach of your product to people through e-commerce websites will be considerably higher than the other local advertisements.

At last, all you have to remember is creating an e-commerce website does not complete the cycle where you should also concentrate on website maintenance. You cannot sit back and relax just because you have built an ecommerce website for your business.

If you need any help to create an ecommerce website, contact our ecommerce website development experts at ColorWhistle today. We are always available to help you out.

Which websites did you like? Where do you go for ecommerce website design inspiration? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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