What Are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) And Why Should You Care?

Have you ever wished for web apps to behave more like real apps?

Well brace yourselves, a new technology called Progressive Web Apps aims to make that happen.


What exactly are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

PWAs are nothing but websites that look and feel like native mobile apps. The application aims to combine features offered by modern browsers with the benefits of a mobile experience.

PWAs includes push notifications, offline support, background synchronizing support, and other modern features. Plus, they access your location, webcam and other details that normal native apps seek. Of course they ask your permission before accessing them.

What makes Progressive Web Apps so special?

According to Google, PWAs are,

  • Progressive
    Works for every user, regardless of browser choice because it’s built with progressive enhancement as a core tenet.
  • Responsive
    Fits any form factor: desktop, mobile, tablet, or whatever is next.
  • Connectivity independent
    Enhanced with service workers to work offline or on low-quality networks.
  • App-like
    Feels like an app, because the app shell model separates the application functionality from application content.
  • Fresh
    Always up-to-date thanks to the service worker update process.
  • Safe
    Served via HTTPS to prevent snooping and to ensure content hasn’t been tampered with.
  • Discoverable
    Is identifiable as an “application” thanks to W3C manifest and service worker registration scope, allowing search engines to find it.
  • Re-engageable
    Makes re-engagement easy through features like push notifications.
  • Installable
    Allows users to add apps they find most useful to their home screen without the hassle of an app store.
  • Linkable
    Easily share the application via URL, does not require complex installation.

How does a Progressive Web App work?

PWAs are enhanced via modern web technologies to give an app-like experience.

The apps will get a separate window and shortcut on your taskbar (on Windows 10 and Chrome), or an icon on your home screen.

Technologies used by PWAs include,

  • Cache API and IndexedDB for quick loading
  • Service Workers and push notifications for background tasks like synching and sending notifications when the app is not in use
  • Fetch API for easy data request
  • Web App Manifest file for providing name, icon, author, and description
  • HTTPS for security

PWAs are not in any way similar to Google’s Chrome Packaged Apps or Microsoft’s Hosted Web Apps. These apps are packed as a file (aka small offline bundles) and submitted to the app store for users to install and use from Chrome Web Store or Windows Store. And, they are also platform specific where they would either work on Chrome or Windows. Plus, to update the apps, developers have to make changes to the offline files and then submit a new version to the app store.

How does progresssive web apps work

On the other hand, PWAs are never packed into small offline bundles. They are entirely hosted on the server of the website. Developers update the app just like they would update a website. Therefore, all the platforms and browsers that support PWAs can use the same app.

One of the biggest advantages of PWAs is code stability. The same version of the app is used for both desktop and mobile versions. PWAs can also be listed in mobile app stores for quick discovery and installation. But, on the backend, the app store will simply point to the PWAs server.

In native apps, Java is used for Android and Swift for iOS. So some are concerned about the performance of PWAs because it mainly uses JavaScript code. But, performance wise, it is safe to say that Progressive Apps are getting pretty close.

Popular companies that have embraced Progressive Web Apps

Companies using progressive web apps

Some of the websites using PWAs are Forbes, Flipkart Lite, Alibaba, The Weather Channel, The Washington Post, Fandango, Jumia Travel, Lancôme, Ola, Twitter Lite, Virgin America, JioCinema, OLX, Wego, Flipboard, Telegram, Pinterest, BookMyShow, and Trivago.

Are Progressive Web Apps really the future of the web?

According to Google I/O 18, Progressive Web Apps is coming to desktop with the new Chrome67. So the subject got way hotter.

This is the popularity trend for Progressive apps from June 2017 to May 2018 according to Google Trends,

popularity-trend-of-progressive-web-appsNumbers depict that, a value of 100 is the peak popularity for the term, 50 means that the term is half as popular and score of 0 means there was not enough data for this term.

The following reasons will convince you why Progressive Web Apps will dominate in the future.

  • Low budget
  • Lightweight and easy to create
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Easy installation
  • Boosts conversion
  • Competitive advantage
  • Easy to expand
  • Quick installation on any device
  • Includes push notification options
  • Reduces data usage and loading time

Additionally, Google has published case studies which prove how Progressive Web Apps are improving technical and business performance.

According to comScore, 51% of users still don’t download any apps in a month.

comscore stat about progressive web apps

This means even if you create an app, it will take a lot of work to attract users to download it. But, an average user will at least manage to visit 50 websites in a month. So, by creating progressive web apps, you can cover more users.

WordPress + Progressive Web Apps

WordPress does not completely support creating progressive web apps in their core application. However, the Jetpack team is committed in the direction of adding Progressive Web App functionalities in the future.

Recently a PWA plugin developed by XWP, Google And Automattic was launched in the WordPress plugin directory. According to the plugin description, it serves as a place to implement support for Service Workers, Web App Manifest and HTTPS in WordPress with the intention of being proposed for core merge, piece by piece.

So it is an indication that Progressive Web Apps are also entering the WordPress core.

Top technology skills for PWA development

These are some of the top technology skills you need to be well versed to build a progressive web app.


ReactJs-Progressive Web Apps

React is managed, supported and used by Facebook. With billions of people using it daily, we can rest assured that the framework is rigorously tested. Below are some resource that will help you get started to build a PWA with Reactjs


AngularJS-Progressive Web Apps

AngularJS is an open-source front-end framework mainly maintained by Google. The framework has seen tremendous growth and many established companies are bringing them behind their corporate firewalls. Below are some resource that will help build a PWA with AngularJs


Vue JS- Progressive Web Apps

Vue is another open-source JavaScript framework which was created by Evan after working with Google’s AngularJs. Below are some resource that will help you get started to build a PWA with Vue.JS.

Other useful resources

How ColorWhistle works on Progressive Web App projects?

Progressive Web Apps, in general, is a very large scope and much technical knowledge is required.

ColorWhistle is ready to work on PoC (Proof of Concept) with any of modern PWA project before getting started with full development.

We have the technical capabilities and analytical skills to provide an economically viable business solution.

If you have any doubts or want to create a progressive web app for your business, please contact us anytime.

Top Charter School Website Ideas And Inspirations From USA

In this digital era, for many parents, the first step to knowing about a charter school isn’t via a school visit, but through the charter school’s website. Parents get to know a whole lot of information such as the mission of the school, extracurricular activities, and diversity.

Only through the looks and feel of a charter school website, the parent gets influenced by the school.

A charter school website isn’t for people who to that school. It is a hub for prospective students, teachers, and administrators. Creating a School website design that makes a sustained and lasting impression is the key.

What makes a good charter school website?

To be absolutely sure on what makes a good website, we looked into the criteria of WebAwards criteria that are designed to find out the best websites on the internet. These are the aspects they consider.

  • Design
  • Innovation
  • Content
  • Technology
  • Interactivity
  • Copywriting
  • Ease of use

We’ll also add one more to the list, mobile friendliness. More than half of a website’s traffic comes from mobile devices. So it is essential to make sure a website is optimized for users who are on the go.

Our team has also handpicked the charter school web designs based on this criteria.

A glimpse of the winning charter school web designs

The charter school websites we have listed below will open your mind to the current web standards and trends. You can draw not only inspiration from, but also get ideas for your next web design project.

    1. Albert Einstein Charter Schoolaeaces charter school websites
    2. Village Charter Academyvillagecharteracademy charter school websites
    3. Valiente College Preparatoty Charter Schoolvalientecollegeprep charter school websites
    4. Uplift Education Charter Schooluplifteducation charter school websites
    5. Harriet Tubman Charter Schooltubmancharter charter school websites
    6. Todays Fresh Start Charter schooltodaysfreshstart charter school websites
    7. Sterling Montessori Charter Schoolsterlingmontessori charter school websites
    8. Summit Preparatory Charter Schoolsummitprep charter school websites
    9. Teach Public Charter Schoolteachpublicschools charter school websites
    10. The Kingdom Charter Schoolthekingdomcharter charter school websites
    11. The Sugar Creek Charter Schoolthesugarcreek charter school websites
    12. Soulsville Charter Schoolsoulsvillecharterschool charter school websites
    13. Self Development Charter Schoolselfdevelopmentcharterschool charter school websites
    14. San Diego Cooperative Charter Schoolsdccs charter school websites
    15. Robert Treat Academy Charter Schoolroberttreatacademy charter school websites
    16. Pivot Tampa Charter Schoolpivottampa charter school websites
    17. Plymouth Charter Schoolnhaschools charter school websites
    18. Noble Charter Schoolnobleschools charter school websites
    19. Options For Youth Charter Schoolofy charter school websites
    20. Palisades Charter Schoolpalihigh charter school websites
    21. Parnassus Preparatory Charter Schoolparnassusprep charter school websites
    22. New west Charter Schoolnewwestcharter charter school websites
    23. Dehesa Charter Schoolmyelement charter school websites

charter school web design ad

    1. Lehign Valley Charter Schoollvacademy charter school websites
    2. Kipp Charter Schoolkipp charter school websites
    3. Joy Charter Schooljoycharter charter school websites
    4. Imagine Charter Schoolimaginefirestone charter school websites
    5. Ingenium Charter Schoolingeniumcharterms charter school websites
    6. Inland Leaders Charter Schoolinlandleaders charter school websites
    7. Inspire Charter Schoolinspireschools charter school websites
    8. Invictus Preparatory Charter Schoolinvictusprep charter school websites
    9. Hope Charter Schoolhopecharter charter school websites
    10. Goethe Charter Schoolgoethecharterschool charter school websites
    11. Galapagos Charter Schoolgalapagoscharter charter school websites
    12. Equitas Academyequitasacademy charter school websites
    13. Opportunities fro learning Charter Schoolemsofl charter school websites
    14. Central Queens Academycentralqueensacademy charter school websites
    15. The Classical Academyclassicalacademy charter school websites
    16. Clemente Charter Schoolclementecharter charter school websites
    17. Calvin Nelms Charter Schoolcnchs charter school websites

charter school web design ad 2

  1. Dearborn Elementary Charter Schooldearbornelem charter school websites
  2. Catch Charter Schoolcatchcharter charter school websites
  3. Camino Nuevo Charter Schoolcaminonuevo charter school websites
  4. Brookside Charter Schoolbrooksidecharter charter school websites
  5. Brooklyn Charter Schoolbrooklyncharter charter school websites
  6. Bronx Better Learning Charter Schoolbronxbetterlearning charter school websites
  7. Valor Academy Charter Schoolbrightstarschools charter school websites
  8. Basis Phoenix Charter Schoolbasised charter school websites
  9. Atlanta Charter Schoolatlncs charter school websites
  10. Ascend Learning Charter Schoolascendlearning charter school websites
  11. Ararat Charter Schoolararatcharterschool charter school websites
  12. Heritage Elementary Charter Schoolamhcs charter school websites
  13. Aplus Charter Schoolapluscharterschools charter school websites

Which charter school website did you like?

Education arena is changing. And thankfully, so is its web design.

The Education industry has graduated from uninspired designs to a whole new design paradigm. They have started to embrace innovation on the aesthetics of their website and making knowledge accessible in new ways.

The above website gives us hope that website designing is quickly becoming the fore of education industry.

Also, here is another article that gives you more on this arena, top functionalities that every charter school website must have.

If you need any help to build a responsive charter school website, contact us anytime. We will help you deliver the voice of your school to the internet world.

Which was your favourite charter school web design? Do share them in the comments section below.

Best Website Redesign Ideas and Case Studies

How To RE~DESIGN Your Website?

This is one of the situations that website owners find most challenging to address.

You must have created a website for your business a few years ago and it would have looked fabulous back then. Maybe, not so much now.

You see, web design trends, graphic design trends and logo design trends are constantly changing. It means that as a website owner, you have to keep up.

Luckily, unlike the other industries, the web design industry is very open when it comes to sharing their knowledge and experience.

We are aware that it is better to do something perfectly than to do nothing perfectly.

That’s why our ColorWhistle designing team collected some awesome website redesign case studies from all over the globe.

Website redesign case studies are a great way to find out the design method of an agency and in the process, it also helps designers and developers to learn from each other.

We hope that these website redesign case studies will inspire you to reinvent your digital presence.

So, let’s find out how to deliver a delightful browsing experience to users.


Website Redesign Ideas and Case Studies

Improve overall site architecture and navigation

The objective of the website redesign case study was to enable easier browsing, and to help users find relevant content easily.

Checkout the case study to find out how they implemented new design combinations while still preserving the purpose of the existing pages.

Before website redesign

botanica website redesign case study before

After website redesign

botanica website redesign case study after

Evolving the Dropbox brand

On October 2017, the new rebranded Dropbox became the talk of the designers community. They are considered to be one of the most talented design teams in the world and are an inspiration to many designers. Their rebrand introduced many color combinations, font combinations and more.

Before website redesign

dropbox website redesign case study before

After website redesign

dropbox website redesign case study after

Introducing the new Walmart.com

On May 1st 2018 Walmart’s new website redesign rolled out. It focused mainly on delivering a modern, stylish, and a convenient shopping experience. This official write-up by the company explains the design changes and how they wanted to create a clean and modern shopping experience for users.

Before website redesign


wallmart website redesign case study after

After website redesign

wallmart website redesign case study before

website redesign company,services,india

Designmodo Launches Massive Redesign and New Logo


Recently, Designmodo, a platform where designers publish their products to sell, underwent a huge website redesign which also featured a new logo. In this write-up you can get insights on how long it took for the redesign and the elements that were refreshed.

Before website redesign

designmodo website redesign case study after

After website redesign

designmodo website redesign case study before

Redesigning a digital interior design shop

In this website redesign case study we get detailed insights on how to research and plan for redesign. The writer of the case study is the designer of the project. So we get to hear how the redesign went from his point of view. He also gives us useful tips on how to collaborate with developers during the redesign phase.

After website redesign

design website redesign case study after

The inside story of Reddit’s redesign

Reddit, the website that has something for everyone recently had a facelift. Users of Reddit are no longer subject to 90s HTML feel, they have something new and fresh. This insider story gives us a scoop on how the redesign plan was formulated.

Before website redesign

reddit website redesign case study before

After website redesign

reddit website redesign case study after

Bookstore responsive website redesign

This website redesign case study cites the process of redesigning a bookstore website to be responsive so that users can access the website when they are on the go. The purpose of this redesign was to increase sales and membership sign-ups for the bookstore

After website redesign

kino website redesign case study after

Redesigning the product website

This case study explains how a product website was redesigned along with its backend system and its app. We get detailed insights on how the designer refreshed the website to hit target customers perfectly.

After website redesign

seista website redesign case study after

Give an entire online shopping experience without a single scroll

This interesting website redesign case study gives us details on how shopping experience can be delivered to users without a single scroll and how they reinvented the standardized method of e-commerce browsing. You can also find out the technologies that was used during the redesigning process.

After website redesign

nubbik website redesign case study after

Modernize the outdated website

This case study will give you an idea on how to give a visual facelift for a website and optimize the user experience for the most visited pages. The recommendations and inputs will help you get an idea on how to build the basis of a responsive website.

Before website redesign

After website redesign

virginholidays website redesign case study after

need travel website

Website redesign for a private school

In this case study we find out how the struggles faced by a school website were addressed in the redesign. Some of them included improper admission criteria and how the current website did not capture the unique prospective and supportive culture the school offered.

Before website redesign

christina website redesign case study before

After website redesign

christina website redesign case study after

School Website Design

How Redesigning HubSpot’s Website Doubled Conversion Rates

HubSpot the huge multi-product, global organisation, wanted to redesign their website with the purpose to improve user experience and conversion rate. This write-up gives you a step-by-step process of how they planned for the redesign and successfully implemented it.

Before website redesign

hubspot website redesign case study before

After website redesign

hubspot website redesign case study after

Rebuilding slack.com

Slack, the high power digital workspace did a major website redesign. One of the senior engineers of slack has given a comprehensive behind the scene work of the website’s rebuilding work. The purpose of the redesign was to improve the website architecture, code modularity, overall performance and accessibility.

Before website redesign

slack website redesign case study before

After website redesign

slack website redesign case study after

Yoga Outreach Society — Website Redesign

The goal of this website redesign was to add chat features to encourage discussions among the website users, transfer to WordPress platform, and improve website architecture. From navigation to sitemap, this case study gives an depth details on how the entire project was planned and executed.

After website redesign

yoga website redesign case study after

Cogency Global website redesign case study

Since their last redesign in 2010, Cogency had added lot of reading materials. Things got complicated and the website no longer reflected who they were. Also, the website was no longer a profit centre and got difficult to navigate. This case study addresses how the issue was resolved through a complete website redesign.

After website redesign

cogency website redesign case study after

Zumba fitness website redesign

The client was unhappy with the existing website as it missed vital information and the customers found the website confusing. Checkout the website redesign case study to find out why the website was underperforming and how the problem was fixed with a proper redesign.

Before website redesign

zumba website redesign case study before

After website redesign

zumba website redesign case study after

Improve ecommerce functionality

In this case study we find out how the website was shifted to Magento CMS and redesigned to improve overall navigation and conversion. After the redesign, bounce rate was reduced and visitors were able to find information more quickly.

Before website redesign

vfoutlet website redesign case study before

After website redesign

vfoutlet website redesign case study after

What we learned from these best website redesign ideas and case studies?

  • Design methodologies vary according to the project and what the business wants to achieve. A standard or pre-planned methodology should not be followed
  • When presented with a new brief, every designer will refer to their own research method
  • Redesign projects must define the current difficulties a user faces when browsing the website.
  • Features should be clearly explained with a visual mockup when presenting to the client
  • Never make assumptions

Winding up our top website redesign ideas and case studies

Changes are scary.

It can be even more daunting if the current website design is liked by the users. But from time-to-time, a website redesign is required to evolve and to keep up with latest trends.

Also, it is important not to be afraid of negative feedback. The only thing that matter is how the website redesign affects the online success of your company. So partner with the right designing agency to avoid design related mishaps.

If you want to get a general idea on how to redesign a website, checkout our website redesign checklist blog to know more.

Do you have any queries relating to website redesign or need a consult, contact our team anytime. We will give you the best possible solution and make your online presence a success.

Which case study was your favourite? Did we miss any? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.