Restaurant and Hotel Website Features

Once we step inside, restaurants make us bon appétit.

But how to create a website that will make internet users feel your food?

Despite the number of other options available, restaurant websites are an essential attribute of any modern business. It will give an opportunity to create a centralized location where visitors can view your menu, find your location, make a reservation, and know about upcoming events.

On the other hand, restaurant websites are not like other business sites. There are certain traits you must follow to build the best restaurant website.

Our article talks about the creation of proper restaurant website design which will help even first-timers to craft a gorgeous restaurant website.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Tips for Creating an Amazing Restaurant and Hotel Website

Creating a lively environment, and offering finger licking dishes will make your restaurant sprawling, which is only half the battle. The other half is adapting to the online world. Restaurant websites are becoming unhealthy due to their outdated designs, and bad user experience. When you visit such websites, you wonder, “What was this web designer thinking?” Apart from outdated stuff like PDF menus, image-based content instead of text, they have an extremely slow load time.

And the list goes on…

With attention span plummeting, you literally have few seconds to grab the attention of users.

To harness the power of the people available in your market, keep these tips in mind when designing your restaurant website.

1.Find Target Audience for your Hotel & Restaurant

From the very beginning, you must find out your target audience.

If there is a university near your restaurant, students and teachers will be your regulars. If there is a business centre nearby, business executives will visit your place often. So check your surroundings, age group, and their preference to find out your target audience.

Once you define your target audience, you can start the creation of your restaurant website. If your restaurant website is for students, opt for a bright design. But if it is to attract business people, pick an elegant or professional style.

You can also include “happy hours” or other discounts to draw customers. You can create a separate page, slider image or pop-up to give details.

Here are a few websites that have mentioned happy hours to keep their customers well-informed.


2. Select Design for your Restaurant & Hotel Website

Typically, your restaurant website must cover the basics, i.e. company name, contact information (email, phone, and address), and a short explanation on what you do and for whom you do.

Further, the URL should be easily linked to your business, and use dot com (preferable) or dot net suffix.

Beyond this, what you include on your website must reflect what you’re trying to accomplish. If you are confused and don’t know where to start, you can get help from a restaurant website designer.

Try to keep your restaurant website as simple as possible.

There is a design principle followed by the US Navy known as KISS (Keep it simple, stupid). Make sure you follow this principle.

If a user doesn’t find what he is looking for, then it’s bye bye for good.

Check out these simple restaurant website designs and try to create something similar to it.


3. Focus on Color Scheme to Create a Simple Restaurant Website

Color palettes that are commonly used in restaurants are brown, white, red, black, yellow and green.

But, you can see a selection of other color spectrum’s used in restaurant websites. But these colors are preferred for a reason.

Restaurant website examples- Color Scheme

Red and black

Red determines strength, power, and determination. Black is associated with power and elegance.

Here are some websites that have used the best color combinations. 

Brown symbolizes wholesomeness, reliability, and honesty.


White determines safety, purity, and cleanliness.

Green is associated with freshness and safety.


Yellow determines freshness, happiness and joy


4. All Restaurant and Hotel Websites Must Have an Easily Accessible Menu

A menu will tell everything you need to know about a restaurant. Basically, the menu will show you the types of food available and how much you pay for each one.

Properly designed restaurant site menu can direct the attention of users to specific items which in turn will increase the likelihood of those items being ordered.

Even though you cannot control a user’s decision, you can effectively direct them and not leave it to random chance of selections.

Your restaurant site must include all these information,

  • Attractive photos of the food
  • Detailed description
  • Dietary information
  • Price
  • Recommendations and specials
  • New items added

Here are some websites that have mouth watering menus.

5. An Outgoing Restaurant or Hotel Site.

Earlier advertising and marketing a restaurant was simple. It took radio spots, newspaper ads, and few occasional TV commercial.

Today, internet and mobile devices are connecting everyone. So you can successfully advertise your restaurant website through social media marketing.

By being active on social networking websites, users can follow your news and updates.

Through social media, you can drive traffic to your website, interact with customers, and give people a chance to address their complaints. Plus you can host various contests on your social media sites and encourage customers to participate.

Here are some restaurants that have a highly active social media presence. 


6. Quality Images is a Must For a Restaurant and Hotel Site

Everything on your restaurant website serves a purpose, from design, navigation, and even images.

It is said that 90% of the formation in the human brain is visual.

A picture is worth 1,000 words. If you have outdated or poor images on your restaurant site, you will be telling the wrong story to your visitors.

Large background photos are an amazing choice to create an attractive restaurant website design. Also, add high-quality images to your menu to demonstrate how delicious your dishes are. And add some interior photos to showcase the cosy atmosphere in your restaurant.

Through food photography, you must awaken the desire of users to try the dish.

Here are some restaurant websites that use stunning images.


7. Every Restaurant or Hotel Website Must Have a Cool ‘About Us’ Page

The primary purpose of a restaurant website is to win people and top your competitors.

Your ‘About Us’ page introduces your business to your website visitors, tell them what you do and hopefully convert them into customers.

‘About Us’ page is like speed dating with your visitors, you only have a few minutes to win them over.

Books and magazines are read differently from web information. And people select the key points for themselves. Highlight the important points in italics to help users take in information and also index better for search engines like Google.

Here are some restaurant websites that have innovative ‘About Us’ pages. 


Here’s a video which explains the common mistakes you must avoid when designing a restaurant website. Do take a look to learn more. 

Bonus Design Tips For your Restaurant or Hotel Website

1. Logo Placement

Most of the websites logo is placed in the top left corner of the page and there is a scientific reason behind it.

When a user opens a website, their view runs from left to right because they are used to reading that way.

So it is recommended to place the logo on the top left corner of the page.

2. Optimize Images for SEO

Images are considered to be one of the main sources of traffic. According to a study conducted for traffic generated through images, up to 60% of web traffic can come from a user finding your images.

Keep these points in mind when optimizing images:

  • Use relevant images that go with the content.
  • Set the right file name for images.
  • Reduce file size for quick loading.
  • Use image alt text.
  • Image measurements should match the displayed image.

3. Mobile Friendly Designs

More than half the population uses smartphones. That’s millions of people browsing the web to find information about products on the go.

Through a well designed mobile responsive website, you can easily move ahead of your competitors. It is also an opportunity to showcase your creativity, and more importantly your business to a wide pool of mobile users.

Make sure your restaurant website is mobile-friendly to impress users on a positive note.

4. Set Up a ‘Google My business’ Page for Local Search

‘Google my business’ is an easy way to freely list your restaurant website on Google. Through it, users can find all the information in one place such as business hours, location, contact information, reviews, and busy times.

With all these information, customers can decide if they want to visit your restaurant or not. If you don’t set up this page, you will lose the chance of featuring in the top of search results.

5. Showcase Special Services

If you offer catering services, or a banquet room set up a separate webpage for these services. Add photos of buffet tables, and the room you set up for different events (wedding, meetings and parties).

Now You’re Ready to Create a Restaurant Website!

When creating a restaurant website, it is easy to concentrate on flashy and shiny elements rather than special features required.

What a person sees while entering your restaurant’s physical front door is as important as what they see when landing on your restaurant website.

So don’t let an outdated website be the reason to undermine all the hard work you put in.

Find a way to display what people will find inside your restaurant- flavour and experience.

There are a lot of other factors to be considered when creating a restaurant website. But these tips are some of the must-have common traits.

Take these ideas and run with them to create a lip-smacking restaurant website.

There are millions of restaurants to choose from. How to make your restaurant website design stand out? Contact us today and we’ll help you create a yummy website which will draw people in.

Graphic Design Ideas And Trends for 2021

“Good Design is good business” is a popular phrase, but what is good design?

There are multiple answers to this question. But most of the answers might fall under the criteria of:

  • Minimal
  • One that actually works for you
  • Easily recognizable
  • Interacts well with users
  • In line with current trends

Well, all the above factors are a big yes or a partial ‘not necessary’, a good design is perceived as good only when it is trendy.

So here are some Graphic design ideas, we feel will dominate in 2021. Some were already a part of 2017 trends list while others are really ‘futuristic’ types.

Graphic Design Ideas

The beauty of graphic design is, it evolves in a faster and drastic way that anything that was a peak trend in the previous year, might become less popular in the next year and almost unfamous in the following years to come. But that is not the end, the same trend might become popular again after 3-5 years.

The Louder, Brighter Look

2021 will see a considerable increase in use of bright and even bolder colors.

Even in 2020 we saw, some bold color palettes, but they were in a lesser number or we can say that they were in experimental phase for most of the designers. In 2021 these graphic design ideas of putting together odd colors which was considered unfair, will occupy a dominant place.

When use of bold colors were considered naive before, it will be trendy in 2021!

So go for it! Try different palettes and enjoy designing!

Tips for designers: Choose different palettes and do your own math before taking an inspiration.You might end up with a vibrant color combo. Websites like colorhunt can help you in this process
Tips for website owners: A whooping 1.8 Billion images are uploaded to social media every day. Ensure your image stands out from the whole lot by adapting to new trends.You can do a testing with these new trends starting from your social media images. Or choose a graphic design agency that will help you get trendy quickly.

Here are some graphic design ideas for bold and louder look.

Yellow and Pink - Graphic design trends
Source :

A Surprising Rare Combination Of Pale Pink & Deep Purple

Adobe Creative Magazine - Graphic design trends
Source : Adobe Creative Magazine

Teal Contrasted With Bright Violet To Create Stunning Visuals. A Neutral Hit Always!

Famebit - Graphic design trends
Source : Famebit

Fortune Favours The Bold

Being Bold, is considered adventurous in graphic design too!

It’s not only the visual graphics that engage the user, but the correct use of typography that enables the user to visually connect to the graphic design. Isn’t that important as well?

In 2021, we predict that use of bold typography will continue to dominate the graphic design industry.

Typography blended with the appropriate graphics is a perfect visual treat for the user.

graphic design package

Choosing the right typography for any graphic design is a critical part, which every graphic designer should practice and master.(Yes! Experience counts here!)

Tips for designers : Some ideas we suggest are:

  • Try multiple font combinations  and different type faces.
  • Contrast between the fonts leads to a winning combo. But look out for qualities like Size, weight, kerning and font style.
  • Do not use more than 3 typefaces. Your design might look messy.
Tips for website owners: If a graphic design is visually appealing but has a bad typography, it will ruin its purpose. Be it a website, social media design or print design, encourage your designers to explore more bold typography to create a long lasting impact.

Here are some ideas and inspirations for typographies.

studio squareone - Graphic design Ideas
Source : studio squareone
abuzeedo - Graphic design trends
Source : abuzeedo
Rachouti - Graphic design trends
Image Credits : Andili Rachouti

Geometry Keeps You In Shape

Geometric design is an interesting graphic design trend which has been there for quite some time but will gain its full momentum by the end of 2021.

Geometry designs can be used in websites and any type of graphic designs to visually convey a pattern or sequence of events.

Interestingly, geometry designs need not be the usual squares or polygons. It can also be multiple designs nested to form a cluster or smooth wavy designs that blends well with the concept.

Tips for designers: There is no hard and fast rule to use geometric shapes in your designs. Be it natural/organic shapes, square, rectangle, circle, triangle or man made (like heart, diamond etc..) choosing the right one will convey a proper message to your audience. You can mix multiple shapes like the recent memphis design concept or use concentric shapes to create a design. Then, if required, you can match the colors with the concept and pair it up with the right typography.
Tips for website owners: Shapes have meanings. When you choose shapes to build your graphic, it is equally important that you understand what the shape communicates to your audience. If you are a fan of these geometric shapes, encourage your graphic designer to do more research to find a strategy that works for you!
Graphic Design Junction - Graphic design ideas
Source : Graphic Design Junction
Graphic Design Junction - Graphic Design Ideas
Source : Graphic Design Junction
nirdie.blogspot - Graphic Design Ideas
Source: nirdie.blogspot
nudellini - Graphic Design Ideas
Image Credits : nudellini

Get Double Exposure

This is a traditional way that photographers followed where multiple photos get exposed to one film to create a surreal effect.

This is a trend in the graphic design market for some time now and the same will continue to influence the market in a more intense way.

Tips for designers: Tutsplus gives step by step process to create your own double exposure in photoshop. You can experiment and master this effect in photoshop too. Plus, blending images with strong colors will become trendy in 2021.
Tips for website owners: These kind of images are ‘hot’ in the industry and usage of the same can make you look trendy in the market! Just give a try! You can always change if it doesn’t work for you!

Graphic design ideas 2018

Graphic design ideas 2018

Graphic design ideas 2018

Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Hand drawn illustrations will never be outdated because it is original and unique. These are everlasting graphic design trends and will continue to be for the coming years.

It’s not only the photos that are getting replaced by hand-drawn illustrations but icons and even the fonts appear better and cool once they are hand-drawn.

Graphic design ideas 2018

Graphic Design ideas 2018

There are some other cool trends that we expect to entertain the graphic designers in 2021. We don’t think they will dominate, but you can see them frequently in 2021, as they are grabbing good attention.

Cinemagraphs – Moving Graphics

Instead of posting images that is static, images that have subtle animations in the background can be used to attract users.

Caution: Overdoing this will create irritation and your graphic might not perform well.

Hongkiat features some cool graphic design ideas for subtle image animations.

No Harm in Cropping

Cropping certain parts of text to make it blend with the background is also a trendy idea. This way the text looks more prominent and is highly noticeable. Here are some good graphic design ideas where you can use cropped text.

Graphic Design Ideas 2018 - Source : Nike
Source : Nike
luben tv - Graphic Design Ideas
Source : luben tv
Luben Tv - Graphic Design Ideas
Source: Luben Tv

Use A Digital Paintbrush

New inventions have brought in lot of innovations to the graphic design industry. Devices like wacom, Ipad, Surface pro have aggressively invaded the digital market which enables the designers to draw hands-free on digital devices that gives stunning effects.

Softwares like Photoshop Sketch, Procreate, Penultimate, Paper… (The list is long!) have been developed for the ease of graphic designers (also aspiring graphic designers!) to create cleaner, smoother, versatile effects that we used to create with a photoshop brush.

We have sourced some digital paintbrush effects from behance, and here are some graphics from which we can take inspirations.

Graphic Design Ideas 2018

Graphic Design Ideas 2018
Image Credits : Pawel Nolbert

Graphic Design Ideas 2018

Summing Up Our Graphic Design Ideas & Trends for 2021

You don’t design for brands. You design for users who interact with your brand.

With all the above highlighted trends, here are some more additional tips.

  • Take bold decisions when it comes to color
  • Be flexible in Typography but don’t compromise on quality.
  • Try new methods like double exposure, digital paintbrush and duotones so that your graphics stay healthy in the market.

Following trends just for the sake of being trendy is wrong. If you decide to try a trend, make sure it will be appropriate for your project and audience. If you really want to try them, experiment it with your personal projects.

All the best!!

What do you think about these trends? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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