AMP Development for SEO benefits and Google Friendly

Mobile publishing is a rapidly evolving environment and Google’s AMP Development is aimed at cutting down mobile page load times and improving website experience for the end user.

The basic idea is to cut down load time for a mobile web page from eight seconds to something like half a second.

Why has mobile publishing become such a competitive field?

The answer is Mobilegeddon – Google’s algorithm that gives priority to web pages that display well on smartphones and mobile devices.

Considering that, according to, there are expected to be 2.56 billion smartphone users by 2018, everyone who has a website has a reason to look at how their website performs on mobile gadgets.

AMP is essentially an open-source framework that helps create mobile web pages that are faster and more finger-friendly for mobile device users who tend to spend hours online. AMP has three components:

AMP HTML: It is a customized mark-up language for AMP.

While it has some differences from HTML, as long as you are comfortable with HTML it is not extremely challenging to adapt existing pages to AMP HTML.

AMP JS: This is a customized JavaScript framework for mobile pages. Third-party JavaScript is not permitted with AMP.

AMP CDN: This optional Content Delivery Network takes AMP-enabled pages, caches them and also automatically makes performance optimizations.

AMP Development for SEO Website

First thing you have to keep in mind while enabling your website for AMP is that this is primarily a framework for making your pages load faster.

Which means a lot of what is behind the page will have to be cut down like:

  • Third party JavaScript : It means that you will not be able to have lead forms, on-page comments and other elements that you have right now
  • Site template : This will, in all likelihood, need to be rewritten. Your CSS will need to be must be in-line and less than 50K, your fonts will need to be loaded through a amp-font extension
  • Multimedia : Images will need to be explicitly sized using an extension and videos can be embedded using a separate extended component.

Again, most of this is not complicated and ultimately serves the purpose of making the mobile web experience better for the end user.

AMP and WordPress Website Development

If your website has been developed on WordPress, AMP development can be implemented for that as well.

There are plugins that you can download that starts off the process like Automatic AMP Plug-in recommended by Yoast.

There are plug-ins to further improve the output like the Glue plug-in also from Yoast.

The automatic plug in will create a AMP version of your site but it hardly allows for customization.

The Custom AMP Plugin solves that problem in conjunction with the AMP plug-in.

Like most business owners, however, you can always choose to hand over the AMP transition to a WordPress website development expert.

AMP + WordPress Website SEO

So we know that AMP allows for faster websites on mobile devices.

How does it benefit your SEO activities?

Given that millions of people access search engines through mobile devices, boosting your website with AMP can help you achieve better rankings on the SERP.

Admittedly AMP development is not yet at a place where it directly impacts rankings. The usual suspects are still in play: keywords, page authority, organic traffic.

What AMP can do is that it will effect user clicks, the user experience and impressions and therefore the traffic to your website.

Plus, in the current set up Google displays AMP pages in a carousel above the fold on a mobile phone.

Organic search results get pushed down. If your website makes it to the carousel, it certainly has a higher probability of getting clicked on.

If you want to see what AMP looks like on Google SERP, you can access their demo on your mobile phone at

Although the display carousel won’t always be there, AMP will continue to affect the Google search rankings.

Google’s mobile algorithm (Mobilegeddon) ranks websites based on mobile friendliness.

Any website failing the mobile-friendliness test gets thrown out of the SERP.

Since AMP development is aimed at making sites more mobile friendly it stands to reason that SEO backed up by AMP will only improve your websites rankings.

Plus, the ever advancing algorithm will soon be looking for the following things on AMP pages to make them more Google-friendly:

  • Headline : Catchy, actionable, no fluff
  • The Hero image : Compelling, original
  • 100-word intro : Engages the leader to generate clicks

Local search results may be based on click behavior; Google may return either AMP development pages or local content.

It is still safe to assume that over time there would certainly be an inclination for AMP pages.

Mobile devices have improved over the years but regardless of technical advances, people are looking for quick responses from websites on their phones.

With brilliant content and appropriate optimization, AMP increases the chances of your website being visited more often simply for its ease of access.

What does AMP mean for Ad Monetization?

People tend to use ad blockers to improve the speed of download.

In that case, AMP development can actually be a positive thing because it aims to support ad formats and technologies without impacting the load time.

This may lead to lesser ad blocking.

Most of the popular networks are using the ad component which results in better compatibility.

Amazon A9, Google DoubleClick, Filte, Taboola and many more are some of the networks.

More and more networks are added every day.

Even paying brands can get better impressions although Search Engine Journal thinks that there will less paid ad options and more competition.

What else is out there?

Facebook has its Instant Articles and Apple has its Apple News.

Both are accessible through the apps on your mobile phone.

The other advantage of AMP is that you can distribute content on the open web without the need of an app.

Both Instant Articles and Apple News are news aggregators built on syndication platforms.

They have some big name tie-ups but, according to Search Engine Journal, more and more publishers are opting to go with Google AMP because they get tracking, monetizing, and easier implementation.

How to Develop AMP on your WordPress website?

You can start off at and download the zip file.

Then go to your website and add the plug-in. You can add images and other media.

Then you need to validate the pages, then validate the schema markup, and lastly Google Analytics.

You could take time out to change your WordPress website to AMP or you could opt to go with a WordPress website developer who can also throw in any number of customisations you want.

I am not saying you have to choose the AMP way, but you also don’t want to be behind the curve when AMP becomes the norm for mobile user experience.

There is a good chance that it will.

ColorWhistle’s clientele is both local and global. We are helping small and medium scale businesses ramp up their online presence in line with their business objectives. 

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Importance of White Label Website Development

White label web development can improve your business in many ways you have never dreamed of.

You may have unique ideas to build your website but, you may not have that expertise in web development or the proper resources to bring your idea to vision. In some cases, it would be hard for you to keep pace with core business operations along with managing web development.

If you are facing hurdles like this, then going with the white label website development would be a wise decision.

Below, we have given a detailed outline about white label web development and the important reasons why you should opt-in for a white label web development company.

Read on to find out how white label web development services from a reputed company can help you!

What is White Label Website Development?

White label website development is the web development version of ghostwriting. For example, company A develops the website, and company B buys it. Here, company A does not associate its brand with the website it developed. On the other hand, company B gets full freedom to use its own brand, logo, and identity with the website developed by company A.

Whitelabel Agency

Source: Vendasta

What Are the Benefits of White Label Web Development?

The main advantages of white label web development are as follows:

(A) Easy Branding

By opting for white label website development you have the advantage of not having to spend time and effort on research or gathering technical know-how. You get a ready-made solution that you can apply your brand name to. Only your brand will be visible to your clients.

You will have clients who don’t know what WordPress is (and don’t want to know either). They are bound to be confused when their website footer or login page has any reference to WordPress. By opting for a white labeling solution you ensure that only the relevant brand is visible to the client.

If you find it difficult to create a unique brand identity, then you can opt-in for white label web design services. Agencies that offer white-label web development services will be rich in customizing unique designs for your logos, pamphlets, packing covers, websites, social media profiles, and other areas too.

(B) Offer More Services to Your Clients

You may avoid developing custom WordPress themes because of a lack of expertise within your agency or probably due to difficulty in budgeting a full-time employee. However, if you opt for white label website design services, you could offer this service to your customers without worrying about expertise or budget.

(C) Reduce Time to Market

If your customers are looking for WordPress solutions, a service such as white label WordPress development can deliver solutions quickly instead of spending weeks developing on your own solution.

This prevents your customers from going elsewhere for these solutions. Given that web development is a highly competitive field and that any reduction in time to market is ultimately beneficial to you.

(D) Cost-effective Solutions

You must remember that customized development is a time-intensive process that involves architecture, design, development, and testing. You may not always have the resources to work on custom solutions from scratch. Even single client customization can take weeks. This increases the cost of production.

White label web development services will deliver cost-effective solutions by allowing you to invest in already existing solutions.

(E) Opportunity for Value Add

One of the lesser-known reasons for choosing a white label option is the fact that you can actually create additional support documents with your branding on them.

Even if the website is developed using WordPress, the dashboard can be used to link back to your support documentation and even support videos.

(F) Focusing on Sales is More Productive

The major reason why white label web development services become important to your business is that it allows you to focus on ways to increase sales.

Additionally, you may need assistance in increasing production capacity for one of your competencies temporarily so that you don’t miss out on potential sales. Even in that case, white labeling is an ideal option.

Who Can Benefit from White Label Web Development Services?

Businesses that aim to connect with their audience through a professional website can truly benefit from white label web development services.

White labeling is primarily a branding exercise. For you as a web development agency, the advantage of exposing the end-user to a brand consistently throughout your website is highly desirable.

Imagine you develop a WordPress website for a client and when the customer logs in, they get the WordPress logo. It is an immediate visual disconnect from the intended brand. Most likely customers are thinking, Why am I going to a WordPress site? A few changes in the code can get the logo to be the logo of the intended brand.

Moreover, the information about the theme, contact information, and support documentation can all be customized to reflect your company’s brand. This does two things, the end-user is always connected to your client’s brand and your client is always connected to yours.

By partnering with an experienced white label website development agency both you and your client can enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship.

You can also take a look at our blog on extended team model to learn more about this area.

How to Choose a White Label Website Development Partner?

When it comes to increasing sales, developing a WordPress website with the help of a white label WordPress agency would be the right decision. It helps you to focus on your core business and identifies avenues for expanding services and products that you offer your clients. Since white labeling is primarily a branding exercise, it also helps you to develop consistent branding for both you and your client while not having to invest in infrastructure, technical know-how, and time.

Here are some of the qualities you must look in a white label web development company

Some agencies may not want to opt for a white label web development services because of inconsistent output from a subcontractor which ends up giving the impression to the client that they are not good. This, of course, you can counter by choosing a white label agency who has a proven track record. You needn’t make the decision based on a single meeting. You could always test them for something small or give them projects that their portfolio shows they are good at.

As an established white label web development agency, at ColorWhistle we find that as long as our output meets or exceeds the expectations of the agency’s clients, our development partners even go so far as to share with their customers that we are their subcontractors. Thus, the choice of white labeling or transparent outsourcing is entirely with you and based on:

    • Your comfort with the idea of white labeling
    • Your long-term customers’ comfort with the idea of white labeling
    • Your experience with a white label partner; if the output is consistently good, then you may choose this route for all your clients

The main qualities you must look for.

1) Problem Solving Technique

The white label WordPress agency should not just be a developer or a designer. They should be problem solvers. The problem-solving technique is one of the wealthiest assets that every person should have.

Only if the agency is well versed in problem-solving techniques, they will be able to handle your project from the initial stage till the development phase and beyond that.

Check whether the white-label agency has any benchmarks in problem-solving concepts. They must not just stop with coding. The company must bring creative solutions to solve your small and complex issues.

2) Knowledge about Latest Technologies

The white label website development agency you hire should be open to adapt to the changes and learn new concepts quickly. Only if they are skillful in learning, they will be able to make use of the latest technologies and best meet your requirements.

Therefore, before partnering, make sure that the company is curious to learn about the latest technologies and their knowledge on the latest happenings around your industry. . .

3) Credibility and Trustworthiness

The next thing you have to look for is the level of credibility and trustworthiness. This is because the white label web design agency is responsible for bringing all your ideas live on the website.

When that’s the case, if the agency does anything without your knowledge, then it will end up at risk. The reliability of agency can be identified by the way they frequently report to you. They keep you updated on the development process regularly. Therefore, see that everything related to design and development is conveyed to you properly.

In Conclusion

A white label website development agency can help to create a strong online presence for you and your clients. If there is an agency who can create a better website that you, partner with them. It will be worth the cost and time.

In fact, by using white web development label solutions, you’ll have more time to devote to business development.

If you are a digital agency looking for a reliable and experienced white label web development agency, you can get in touch with our ColorWhistle team.

Through our white label website development services we can fix issues around usability, accessibility, SEO, and security for your clients.

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Magento Website Development, Installation and Modules


Magento is the world’s No.1 ecommerce platform. It is an open source ecommerce platform developed using the PHP Zend framework. It helps the merchants all over the world to create an ecommerce website and provides a number of shopping cart options.

Over 250,000 websites use the Magento platform till now and the number is increasing everyday.

Why Magento:

Open Source Platform:

Magento is an open source platform, therefore it is easy to just download the core files from magento website and create your online store within minutes. There are also free extensions available to improve the functionalities of your store.

Flexible Backend:

Magento has a good content management system which helps the users to add the content through WYSIWYG editor. Users with no coding knowledge can also use this editor to create content in the website.

Search Engine Friendly:

Magento has an inbuilt Friendly URL structure with which the users can configure their website’s URLs to be more search engine friendly. In addition to this, the titles and descriptions can be configured from individual pages and posts separately.

Huge Store Options:

Unlike WordPress and other platforms, Magento has great features for setting up your store. You can set up multiple stores from the same backend dashboard. You can add ample number of products and categories compared to other platforms. Third party integrations are made easy with magento and this can make your store a more powerful one with multiple options to choose from.

Large Community:

Magento has a large customer and developer base. Therefore it is easy to find solution to any question that you are looking for. To add up, there are many themes and extensions to improve your online store’s appearance and functionality. Apart from this Magento has its own community forum at to help users discuss various Magento topics.

Magento vs WordPress:

WordPress is a great content management platform but its ecommerce features compared to Magento is limited. Magento has inbuilt ecommerce module while in WordPress, we will need to go for third party extensions like Woocommerce. This makes building online shops with WordPress a little more complicated than Magento.

Content Management with Magento is also easy like wordpress with page and post types. Magento is a stable version unlike wordpress which has frequent core updates. This makes wordpress an unreliable platform as these updates normally would result in some errors. Adding and maintaining huge number of products is very easy compared with wordpress which has drawbacks with memory limit issues as well. So compared to WordPress, Magento is the better Ecommerce Platform.

Top websites using Magento:

Building a basic ecommerce store using Magento:


To create a website development with Magento, you need to download the core files from the Magento website. For downloading the files, you will need to create an account and confirm your email address. Once you have completed the above step, you can login to your Magento account and start downloading the files. Please check the PHP and MYSQL version compatibility of your server before you start the download. Magento version 2.1 requires PHP 7.0.4 and MYSQL 5.7.

Earlier versions support PHP 5. Once you have downloaded the files, you can extract the files to any folder in your server or if you are developing the website in localhost, In case of XAMPP, create a  new folder in the htdocs directory and extract the files. In case of WAMP, create a new folder in the www directory and extract the files.

After you have copied the files to your server, follow the below installation steps.

  • Create a database for your site
  • Open the Magento directory in the browser (The folder where you have copied the magento files. For e.g. http://localhost/magento)

The Magento installer will start running once you have completed the above two steps. You can see the below steps once click on the Agree Terms button. The readiness check will begin testing the system requirements.

If it is successful, you can add your database details, website name and Admin account details in the next steps. Once the above details are set up, the installer will complete the installation process and you are good to go configuring your store.

Magento Website Development

Installation Issues:

Once you have successfully installed magento, there is a possibility of below issues that may occur for windows users configuring magento in localhost.

  • Icons not loading in the admin dashboard
  • Indexers are not indexed properly

To fix the “Icons not loading in the admin dashboard” issue, you will need to follow the below steps

  • Remove all the files from pub/static folder except .htaccess file.
  • Edit the app/etc/di.xml file. Search for the “Magento\Framework\App\View\Asset\MaterializationStrategy\Symlink” line and replace to “Magento\Framework\App\View\Asset\MaterializationStrategy\Copy”.

To fix the “Indexers are not indexed properly” issue, you will need to open the Command Prompt in your system, go to the magento directory and run the below command line.

php bin/magentoindexer:reindex

The above steps should resolve the two issues.


The next step is configuring your theme, pages, posts and products. You will have a basic theme installed in Magento by default. You can change this theme by going to Stores ->Configuration -> Design.

Magento Website Development

Installing a new theme:

To install a new theme in Magento 2, Follow the below steps.

  • Unzip the theme package in the root folder of your website
  • Open the command line in your localhost and type the following commands “php bin/magentosetup:upgrade –keep-generated” (“magento” is the folder name of the website) and “php bin/magentosetup:static-content:deploy”.
  • Now go to Settings -> Configuration -> Design in your Magento admin panel and change to the new theme that you have installed.

Creating Pages

To add a new page in Magento 2, Follow the below steps.

  • Go to Content -> Pages -> Add a new page
  • You can see various tabs Page Information, Content, Design and Meta Tab. You can fill in the required fields and click on Save Page at the top right to create a new page.

Magento Website Development

Creating Products

To create a new product in Magento 2, Follow the below steps.

  • Go to Products -> Catalog -> Add Product.
  • You can see various tabs Product details, Images and Videos, Search engine optimization and Websites. You can fill in the required fields and click on Save at the top right to create a new product.

Magento Website Development

Setting up currency, shipping and coupon codes

To setup various product attributes like currency, shipping and coupon codes. Click on the Stores tab in the admin panel. You will have multiple tabs with options related to setting up your store.

Payment Integration

To set up payment methods, Go to Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods. You can see the default magento payment options like Paypal, Braintree, Bank Transfer, etc. To add a new payment method, you should find a suitable extension and install it.

Magento Website Development


To create an online store, Magento is the best open source platform available till date and it has many options and stable configurations compared to WordPress.

You should have a basic idea about creating a magento website now. If you find any difficulty with configuring your Magento website, you can always Contact Us for expert advice and queries regarding website development, and we are all ears to hear your stories and requirements.