The Top Stylish Material Design WordPress Themes

‘Material Design’ is the name Google has given to its in-house design language. Whether you’re using their search engine, Gmail, Google+ or Android, you should notice that they have a consistent set of design sensibilities that permeate all of these platforms.

This is key for any big brand like Google as it helps to build brand recognition and ensures visitors enjoy a consistent experience when moving from one service to another. Of course you should have your own design language too, but a smart move would be to adopt at least some of Google’s design practices.

Why? Well, apart from anything else, Material Design looks great. This is a sleek, crisp, minimalist layout that’s designed for a touch-first, mobile-friendly web. At the same time, Google can be considered something of a ‘trend setter’ when it comes to technology, so if you want to look up-to-date and professional, you could do a lot worse than following the blueprint they’ve laid out for you.

Finally, sticking to Google’s design language can only be a good thing as far as search rankings go. It can’t hurt to get on the good side of the web’s biggest gatekeepers, can it?

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some Stylish WordPress themes that are based around, or heavily influenced by Material Design.


MaterialDesignThemes offers premium and free Material Design themes for your next project.

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Material Design WordPress Theme – Rare


Build a professional blog, online portfolio, or magazine style website with RARE – A beautiful material design based WordPress theme.

Click here to see RARE theme

Zephyr | Material Design Theme


Zephyr became a Featured Item and Won Envato’s Material Design Most Wanted competition!

Click here to see Zephyr theme

Ruby – Personal Portfolio and Blog


Material design inspired personal blog portfolio WordPress theme

Click here to see Ruby WP theme

Material- Multi-purpose WordPress Theme


Material – A WordPress theme design is inspired by Google’s Material Design concept

Click here to see Material WP theme

Obsession – Material Design WordPress Theme


Obsession is a flexible Multi & One Page WordPress theme. It comes in four variations, including one page and multi page layouts, and each one can be customized to get the right look and feel for your project.

Click here to see Obsession WP theme

Color: A Blog & Portfolio Theme with lots of color


Color is a colorful theme. Not only is it a beautiful blog theme, it is also a lovely portfolio theme. Perfect for all you colorful bloggers out there as well as fans of Google Material Design.

Click here to see Color WP theme


As you can see then, Google’s design sensibilities are already making waves and setting trends when it comes to web development. If you want to hop on board, then you could do a lot worse than starting with one of these plug-and-play themes. Or why not let ColorWhistle build something for you from scratch? We can build you a theme that’s completely unique to your brand, while still retaining the hallmarks of good Material Design. Get in touch to find out more!

The Global Mobile Apps Round-Up Series: Reviewing Popular Taxi Apps

Hello and welcome to ColorWhistle’s new global mobile apps round-up series! Here we’ll be putting different popular apps with specific business models under the microscope to see how they’re performing in markets around the world. We’ll learn what works in each niche and how the best apps out there are differentiating themselves from the competition. Likewise, we’ll examine the design language and business models of these popular apps and their companies to identify trends.

Hopefully, this will help to inspire you for your own app and website ventures while also providing some interesting insights into this fascinating industry. And as we’ll see in this very post, sometimes looking at these apps will also shed light on some broader socio-economic situations. Such is the power of the smartphone app!

And for part one; we’ll be looking at popular taxi apps! I think you know where this is going…

What is a Taxi App

So a Taxi App is basically an app that allows people to quickly order a taxi wherever they are. The best of these apps take advantage of the built-in communication and GPS features of smartphones in order to streamline the process of being picked up.

This is an awesome feature in theory because it means that you can quickly find a cab in your area when you’re tired and lost at the end of a long night out. Unfortunately though, most of the established taxi firms have not taken full advantage of this and this has led to the emergence of one highly controversial solution…

Enter Uber

So when you think ‘taxi app’, there’s really only one app that springs to mind. And actually, it’s not technically a taxi app.

Rather, Uber is an app that replaces taxi apps and also taxis by allowing anyone to start driving each other around for money. People can sign up to Uber by taking a 13 minute course via their phone and from there, they’re ready to start offering people lifts.

This has caught on like wildfire, mainly due to how broken the taxi industry is in general. This area of American government is seemingly somewhat corrupt and/or inept and it’s not much better in the rest of the world. To offer taxi services, firms need to apply for licenses called ‘Medallions’. Unfortunately, authorities decided to create artificial scarcity for these by limiting them severely in number. In Key West, Florida there’s only 72 for the entire city. In New York, a Medallion costs as much as $1 million!

This combined with other issues means that taxi drivers charge the Earth and are severely overworked. That in turn means you get picked up late by someone very angry and charged $50 to go down the road. That’s if they turn up after getting your name wrong on the phone.

With Uber though, you benefit from technology. You can actually see people providing lifts in your area on a map in real time and get quotes from them for your lift home. You then just tap who you want to pick you up and a kindly stranger takes you home in minutes for peanuts. They don’t mind doing it because Uber pays them up to $90,000 a year! Meanwhile, the company itself is worth $50 billion dollars thanks to its smart idea, fantastically intuitive interface and minimal design. This is app design done right.

Problem is, it has also caused numerous issues – not only devastating the taxi industry but also creating some rather serious health and safety risks as people are essentially getting into the unlicensed cabs of strangers.

If only taxi firms were as innovative with their own apps… so are they?

Uber Alternatives

Well, as it happens these companies are now starting to catch on. ‘MyTaxi’ for instance is an app that works with taxi firms and reportedly has 45,000 taxis. It claims to be the world’s first taxi app and it even lets you pay by phone. Way2Ride meanwhile also works with half of New York City’s 21,000 green and yellow cabs – while Arro connects to the remainder.

But still, these are nowhere near competing with Uber, which is down to the fragmented nature of those offers, the more intuitive interface and the lower prices. The only apps that are competing with Uber for pure numbers? Well that would be the foreign versions of Uber. These include Russia’s ‘Yandex’, another ant-taxi app running since 2011, China’s Did Kuaidi and ‘Gett’ – the Uber of Israel.

So it seems that these types of taxi app are the future, unless taxi firms up their game quickly! Who new a little app could cause so much trouble?