10 Creative Ways To Get More Traffic To Website

October 4, 2019
Traffic to Website

Want to boost traffic to your website?

Of course you do!

People don’t set up websites because they want to be left alone

With that in mind, you’ve probably tried (or are trying) all of the standard methods of increasing the amount of visitors you get on a regular basis.

You’ve probably done your SEO, you’re probably managing a few social media accounts and no doubt you’re regularly creating new content…

But what about the less obvious methods?

Get a bit more creative and there are a ton of different things you can do to drive up your visitor count.

Read on and we’ll go over some of the more creative strategies you may have missed.

1. Getting in the Local Paper to get Traffic to Website

Magazines and newspapers tend to have rather huge circulations that any website would be envious – often in the hundreds of thousands.

The problem is that very few ‘big’ publications will likely want to publish a story about you unless you happen to be groundbreaking.

The solution then is to try your local paper.

When you approach them, you can do so with the ‘local’ angle and tell them all about how this local man/woman made it big.

This is a great way to get lots of eyes on your brand and increase website traffic!

2. Handing Out Fliers

Another analog strategy to increase traffic to your website your website is  to just stand outside and hand out fliers.

It’s not very glamorous perhaps but it works well because it lets you actually have a conversation with the people you’re giving the flier to.

That in turn means that you can tell them why they should go to your site.

3. Decals

Yet another ‘real world’ strategy is to try adding decals to your car.

If your website provides a service in particular, then this is an especially good strategy.

Now, when people walk past your house they’ll see that they can get plumbing from www.exampleplumbingwebsite.com and that’s completely free!

4. Team Up With a YouTuber

If you have a YouTube channel and you occasionally partake in some video marketing, then you could try teaming up with another YouTuber.

This works like an ad swap – you promote them and their site and they do the same for you.

Only it’s much more effective than an ad swap and far less commonly utilized!

Go figure…

Social Media Marketing

5. Promotional Items

Another smart strategy to drive traffic to website is to try printing promotional gifts.

These tend to be things like mugs, hats and t-shirts with your company’s logo on it.

The great thing about this though is that when someone wears or uses the items they will be giving you free promotion.

And imagine if they end up on TV at a football game for instance?

You can wear them yourself too and become a walking advert for your site.

As an added bonus, promotional items also have the big benefit of making people feel like a part of your business and you can use them as incentives.

Definitely worth considering as it will increase traffic to your website.

6. Influencer Marketing

You’ve heard of social media marketing and content marketing but the new ‘buzzword’ in town is ‘influencer marketing’.

So what on Earth does this mean and how to generate traffic to your website with it?

Essentially it means targeting specific members of your audience – the people who have the most reach and the most influence.

The hope is that these people will promote your message to their followers and you’ll skip the part where you have to build up your own following!

Traffic to Website

7. Free E-Books

A free e-book can be an incentive for someone to sign up to a mailing list.

What’s more though, you can increase traffic to your website by talking about how great you are and including a link in it.

Then give the book away free from Amazon or encourage people to share it and you have free exposure!

8. Events

Another way you can potentially increase traffic to your website is to throw an event.

And the best kind of all is a launch event.

If you’re just setting up a business, then a launch even is not only fun – it’s good business!

9. Competitions

Running a competition is another sorely under-utilized method to increase website traffic.

By running competition, you give people good reason to visit your site and to mention you to their friends!

10. Create an Awesome Infographic

People love infographics these days and they’re highly sharable.

If you create one that perfectly sums up an original topic and then post it to your blog inviting people to do the same, then it’s a great way to get exposure – as long as you included your site name in the image!

Traffic to Website

This is actually just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to increasing traffic to your website

There are many more methods you can use to boost traffic to your website, so get creative and keep trying new things!

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