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Facebook Usage and Advertising Statistics 2017

Facebook Usage and Advertising Statistics 2017

Facebook usage and advertising statistics: Implications for your digital marketing in 2017 Last week, I wrote about how digital marketing works. Social media plays a big role in digital marketing. Of all the social media tools, Facebook has the largest...

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Content Aggregation

What is Content Aggregation?

What is Content Aggregation? And Why It’s Important for Digital Marketing Content Aggregation is another aspect of content marketing that presents some interesting opportunities for business owners. Whether you’re looking for opportunities to reach a new, larger audience, or you...

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B2B Social Media Strategies to help you truly thrive

B2B Social Media Strategies to Help You Truly Thrive

When you read up on social media strategies, you’re quite likely to find that a large proportion of available information is geared very much towards B2C companies (business to consumer). It’s all about ‘letting your fans get to know you’,...

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